Sea Water Ingredient

The composition of elements in seawater contains all essential minerals and trace elements you need for a healthy and vital skin and the elements of sea water are similar to what makes up the human body. The minerals like iodine, magnesium, selenium and strontium are existent in bio-available form.

The dissolved sodium, potassium and chloride ions enhance the skin’s barrier function, selenium and sulfate compounds increase the resistance against oxidative stress by free radicals and constrain inflammation triggers.

beach ocean watersea water is a healthy ingredient we use in our products

Ocean Treasures

Ancient physicians discovered the incredible properties of marine elements. Ontual discovered and use the treasures of the sea as we know it can improve good health. Life raised from the sea has been used for centuries in the stimulation of wellness in food and body care.

The similarities in the mineral composition of seawater and the human blood allows our body to uptake and utilize substances from the sea very well.

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